After Market Domain Names


by Shaan

My name is Shaan Inder Chopra and I welcome you to the fascinating world of domain names. I am the owner of and all the other domain names that are listed on this site. I started collecting domains for various digital projects and with time learned a lot about them. Like always it is still my day one in the domaining industry as a lot is still yet to happen.

I know first hand, the importance of a good name and the instant value it can bring to the right business. Domain names are unique and hold value for every domain owner. Most of the domain names listed on this site are available to acquire. For domain-specific information you can visit ICANN Lookup, Internet Archive, and Google.

Most of the domains here are also listed on domain market places such as DAN, SEDO, and Afternic you are most welcome to conduct your transaction on them. If you would like to reach me directly, you can use my contact form located here.

Other than domains, I have my interests in Aquarium, Travel, Digital Games and Consumer Web Technology. You are free to visit my site for my latest updates.

Thank you for dropping by;
Shaan Inder Chopra